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(Science & Art)

Tamer ÖZALP, Ph.D | Phone:252-214 4864

F. Nil ÖZALP, MA | Phone: 252-214-4864


Dr. Tamer ÖZALP (ESA/UNOOSA Fellow)

Founder, ResearchTurk the Scientific R&D Space Co. (2018-present)

Former Senior Advisor, TÜBİTAK Presidency (1998-2011)

Former Senior Advisor, Head of Division, DG GIS, Min.of.Env.Urban.(1990-2018)



The road map on space of Dr. Özalp has started in 1995. He has conducted PhD studies as the first Turkish fellow on Earth Observation at ESRIN/ESA, Italy. He has served as an advisor to the president of TUBİTAK for the development of Space Activities of Turkey and ESA relations. Since more than 25 years, Dr. ÖZALP has been involved and taken very pro-active roles in the development of space related projects, plans, programs and policies in Turkey and abroad. He was as the national delegate of Turkey for ESA, GEO, IAF, ROSCOSMOS, UNOOSA, EURISY international organizations. He has acted as an initiator and a catalyzer for cooperation between Turkey and International space organizations. And as an entrepreneur, he has played an innovative role in mobilizing the Turkish governments, the public organizations, the universities, the industrial sectors and the youth’s interest (e.g. SpaceTurk Research Group). He is an instructor and research adviser on Earth Observation Imaging Systems at METU. The most important concrete achievements of Dr. Tamer ÖZALP are the first “National Space Research Programme of Turkey” and GÖKTÜRK-2 Earth Observation Satellite Project.


Mrs. F.Nil ÖZALP (BA, MA)

Musicologist/Co-Founder of ResearchTURK Company/ Music Specialist of Space Activities/Space Art Researcher/Music Medicine /Music and Health Researcher




She  has completed her Master studies on musicology in 2013  at   9 Eylül University, İzmir, Turkey. She has 7 years experience with a particular focus on Music and Health, Effects Of Music in Human Life on a Musicological Perspectives.

She has initiated  research projects on Music, Music Theraphy, Music and Healing/Health  and  has written articles about the effects of music on the patient,  The Music in Operating Rooms, Passive Music Therapy on the Palliative Care Patients,  Music Therapy On The Patients With Advanced Stage Cancer, Minimalist Music In Cinema, Music and Cultural Identity in Commercials, and Culturel Studies of Music. She has participated in international conferences, symposium, seminars and workshops  as a  scientist and as a presenter.  

She continues to make her research activities on space art, uses of music in space travel and future of music in space. She continue to  teaches violin in Fine Arts School at Music department at the same time

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